The Every Nipple Counts movement has become a natural consequence of our long-term activity in 3D areola reconstruction by micropigmentation.

Every niple counts


The subject of medical pigmentation is becoming more and more known, but it is still accompanied by many doubts and questions. Hence our will to dispel them by social education. The action is directed to pigmentation artists, tattooists, doctors and patients.


The traumatic experience of breast loss is often the beginning of a difficult recovery, the final stage of which should be an aesthetically satisfying reconstruction of nipple-areola complex.

We often witness surgical failures in the reconstruction of nipple-areola complex as well as bad cosmetic pigmentations. It pushed us to develop an original method of non-invasive 3D reconstruction of nipple and areola with the help of the intricate art of micropigmentation (cosmetic tattoo).


We pay attention to the procedures, we focus on professionalism and quality, definitely resisting the increasing spread of offers promising a beautiful effect without the proper treatment facilities, experience and knowledge.


As part of the campaign, we participate in many lectures, meetings, industry events. We build a network of salons that guarantee similar quality and perform procedures in accordance with our standards and according to our techniques.

Combining knowledge and artistry, we say to an oncological woman:

Every Nipple Counts because you are important! Because you count! Because we do care about you!