On the beginning of the adventure with medical micropigmentation, we did not realize that a syringe plus pigment is in fact an injection of happiness. We are still experiencing unusual emotions from our patients at the first sight of the reconstructed areola. We bear in mind the words they say because they give us motivation to continue our activity.


About the procedure


The micropigmentation procedure of an areola consists in the fact of insertion of a pigment directly under the epidermis by needle and thus leads to the reconstruction of the pigmented structures of the breast gland.
The micropigmentation procedure is preceded by signing the consent agreement by the patient. The procedure device is sterile, needles are disposable. During the consultations the patient participates in a selection of pigmented area and in the selection of the appropriate colour of an areola. The treatment is preceded by local anesthesia. The procedure duration is 40 - 90 minutes. In order to achieve the desired effect, a series of 2 treatments is usually performed at intervals of 8 - 12 weeks. After the procedure the patient functions normally. However, she should not use some cosmetics, should avoid excessive physical effort and the sun.

Breast reconstruction surgery allows to regain the psychological well-being of women after mastectomy. Complementing it with the micropigmentation of the nipple and the areola results in a natural breast appearance. The interval between procedures should be at least 6 months.


The procedure of areola micropigmentation, like other procedures, can sometimes lead to side effects.

Possible side effects:
  • Different colour than the natural

  • Scars

  • Uneven placement of pigment

  • Irritation / allergic reaction

  • Infection